Healthy Bulk Direct

Healthy bulk ingredients in small sizes for your everyday kitchen use at unbeatable prices

Who we Are

Why we created Healthy Bulk Direct.

As a small manufaturer, we are constantly shopping for the best quality and prices for ingredients in order to stand a chance to compete with the big guys.  However, the minimum quantities we have to purchase are still very high.  So imagine, if you are the head of a household with a limited budget.  Retail prices are pretty high.  This is a problem for too many families, so, we wanted to bring them a small releif  most particularly in tose difficult times #postCovid19era by providing good ingredients at very good prices.

That's why we decided to create Healthy Bulk Direct.

Home cooking made more affordable

We will save you money


Wow, your prices are pretty low!

Stew Pace

I bought a 5 lbs bag of Pea protein and got an extra 7% discount. Quite amazing for product prices that are very low to begin with.

Anton Swift

Your service is great,. You produt is perfect.  How can you get such low prices?

Al DeOrio